Living History: March 28, 2020

I wrote a poem to document the current state.

People are mad they are told to stay inside, contrasted with the ones who want everyone banned from leaving their homes. There are several rabbit holes one can go down if you like conspiracy theories. I enjoy reading them, I always have. I don’t believe them all, or even most, but I still get a kick out of the creative thinking that goes into many of them. I think some of the people who create good conspiracy theories are missing a gift for creative writing.

Regardless, I have a headache, so I won’t ramble on. Instead, here is my poem. It’s bad, I write bad poetry. I know that. But, I try. Also, my Father is fine, that line was for creative purposes. This was just a poem, totally made up. Just want to make sure no one has concerns.

Stay safe! Stay six feet apart! And give gratitude to those trying their best to help.


“COVID-19: I can do what I want.”

Don’t tell me what to do,

You aren’t my mother.

I can go as I please,

You won’t control me.

I can do what I want,

I will not listen

to your Agenda,

I am twenty-one years too old to care.

I can go where I choose,

No Gates can hold me,

Two hundred and one lions can try

and stop me,

But I will survive

without you.

You want to manipulate me,

Strip me,

Hurt me,

Control me.

I see through you,

And your lies.

Typewriters traveling in a carry on,

I know your disguise.

Don’t tell me what to do,

You are not my Father.

He died from the virus…

Why didn’t you do more?

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