Bad poetry Sunday: “Like Pirates”

We shall sail upon the world
like pirates
taking treasures of 
from whichever place we land.
Golden sunsets,
shimmering waves of love
ensconced inside a box
for which only we
hold the key,
given to us with our first breath.
So, we breathe.
We shall sail upon the world
and find ourselves
lurking under 
a boundless sky of sunshine
and tormenting storms 
and rains that last for days
and dry deserted wastelands.
Darkened depths with crushing pressure
creating diamonds
or nothing
but fragments of our former selves
that we burn and use
to light our way.
Who are we to say
who we choose to be?
Is it not the job of life
to shape us into jewels
worthy of being mounted
in the crown of God?
For we may search
and seek
and find moments aplenty
adorned in hints of who we think we are
it is not until
we sail upon the world
that we find us.
That we know if we fit 
or if we are best kept apart
because the diamonds we made
under pressure
may shine brighter 
if we each find
our own light.
So, let us not stay stagnant,
and sit in worry
amongst the worst of our crew,
for we are warriors.
Or are we?
 we must go,
to know. 

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