American Priority.

We send our children into schools where they have to practice lockdown drills in case of active shooter situations. We have children as young as five years old who know if they are in the bathroom during such an event, they need to stand on a toilet so, “the bad guy won’t see them“. We have armed guards in our schools, metal detectors, and bulletproof backpacks. No one bats an eye. Few people storm the capital or protest over this, because it protects their right to own guns. They put their love of weapons above their love of life, and use the excuse they need to be prepared to stand up to the government in the event of a civil war as means to traumatize children on a daily basis. We live in a country where 26 children and adults were killed in a matter of minutes inside of a school, and the biggest fear was not over protecting our kids, but over protecting our right to bare arms. 

But how dare you expect a child to wear a mask in the hallways between classes to help slow the spread of a contagious virus that has crippled the entire world in the middle of a pandemic. That is removing their rights. That is unacceptable. THAT is going too far, and your voice needs to be heard because the government is telling you what to do and trying to control you. If you wear the mask, you are a sheeple. If you stand for weapons, you are a patriot. 

We let our children be murdered for the sake of owning pieces of metal that in the hands of the wrong person end lives in the blink of an eye. But we stand for justice over a piece of fabric intended to protect them. 

This is America.

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