On Wearing Masks

I won’t do it,
It’s not fair,
You can’t make me,
You see.
I have freedom, 
I have liberty,
I am the American Dream.
I’m a hard worker, 
I’m a Christian,
I have inalienable rights. 
If you challenge me,
Or force me, 
You can be sure
I’ll put up a fight.
I’m unwilling, 
I won’t listen, 
You can’t steer me 
With fake news.
It’s a conspiracy,
It’s a hoax, 
It’s not real,
I have a right to choose!
I’m a hypocrite, 
I’m dishonest,
I’m in a cult 
Built upon lies.
I don’t care
About my neighbor,
Or the elderly,
Or the immunocompromised. 
You see I say I live
For others,
I claim its is the core of my beliefs.
But not really,
Not if it means 
I have to do something
That makes me feel uncomf-y. 
I’m a snowflake, 
But I’m vocal.
I’m a Karen, 
With a voice.
All Lives Matter.
Blue Lives Matter. 
But yours?
That’s not my choice.

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