Bad Poetry…eh, Thursday?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I know I started this series with an intention of writing a poem each Sunday. Then I gave myself a pass to write a poem one Sunday a month. However, I have been writing a LOT of poetry lately, but the whole “Sunday” concept doesn’t always work for me. So, we will be changing our “Bad Poetry Series” to whatever day of the week I feel like it, because this is my blog and I can do that. haha

The theme of this poem is “Apathy”. I hear a lot about empathy, but I don’t often hear people talk about apathy. It is the absence of something. Of feeling. Of caring. It is thought to be one of the more dangerous emotions. Have you ever reached a place of apathy in your life? Where you just didn’t “feel” anymore? Perhaps something that used to drive you to anger or sadness no longer has that affect, and you find yourself just feeling…nothing. I hope not. I tried to put myself in that headspace, and this is what transpired. Hopefully you enjoy it, or feel inspired to write your own poem about apathy. If you do, please leave it in a comment or direct me to your blog where I can read it!


Roll your eyes
just to show 
how much you despise me.
Little bits 
of carelessness
here and there
add up to a lot of resentment, 
that leads to apathy…
and silence.
There is no fixing silence.
It breeds nothing
but more of itself.
Ignore this.  –  Let it go, that. 
A never-ending list of things
left unattended
to rot, or mold, or sit waiting
for someone to fix them. 
No one fixes the broken sink
until it leaks across the room and reveals
soggy wood and erosion 
from where the water ravaged the floor, 
Like me. 
I used to write poems of yearning-
Now I just write about my apathy 
because nothing gets fixed
unless I do it myself,
Much like us.

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