Winstead Oakley

I like a lot of weird things. I spend my time indulging in the creative side of life, much to the chagrin of those around me who think life should be about work and adult-y things. I prefer to dive into books on various topics, my favorites being religion and spirituality, with no particular inclination to a certain one. I’ve been them all in some variety, selectively choosing the good, while ignoring the bad like any good picker and chooser.

These chaotic interests come through in my storytelling, which is ever evolving and growing. I continue to learn, even as I age into a place where I should have more wisdom than curiosity, a tug of war I’ll never win.

When I am not writing or developing forty-seven new hobbies, I homeschool our children, enjoy cooking, and raise a variety of animals and herbs.

I’m often told I’m too wordy and full of fluff. I’m working on it. If you like fluffy poetry, check out my blog series: “Bad Poetry”. It’ll fluff your heart out.

To contact the Future Best Selling Author of All Time, email me at winowrites@gmail.com Yes, I know. So professional.

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