Bad Poetry: ‘Fear’

“Fear isn’t always from the things lurking beneath or behind us. Unseen atrocities waiting to pounce or abduct, murder or mutilate. Sometimes, it’s all in our head.”

An interview with Winstead Oakley, by Winstead Oakley:

I tried to think of questions that would be informative about me as a person and also intrigue you to grab a copy of my book. I hope you enjoy! Q and A time: Where did the idea for The Faultfinder and The Almighty come from? A dream. I had a dream, and in itContinue reading “An interview with Winstead Oakley, by Winstead Oakley:”

Bad poetry Sunday: “Like Pirates”

We shall sail upon the world like pirates taking treasures of  Joy from whichever place we land. Golden sunsets, shimmering waves of love ensconced inside a box for which only we hold the key, given to us with our first breath. So, we breathe. We shall sail upon the world and find ourselves lurking under Continue reading “Bad poetry Sunday: “Like Pirates””

So why can’t I?

If he can walk on water,  why can’t I? Is it because I’m a girl, or because I don’t believe enough? They say it takes faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain, then why can’t I? Am I lacking? Doubting like Thomas before he touched the wounds after which he believedContinue reading “So why can’t I?”

Living History: March 28, 2020

I wrote a poem to document the current state. People are mad they are told to stay inside, contrasted with the ones who want everyone banned from leaving their homes. There are several rabbit holes one can go down if you like conspiracy theories. I enjoy reading them, I always have. I don’t believe themContinue reading “Living History: March 28, 2020”